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About us

B & W is a recruitment agency. Our range of services includes the active recruitment of all levels who have the qualification and professional experience relevant to the job. We employ workers on a global scale. We use sophisticated methods of recruitment and selection process, our candidates are screened for language skills and the necessary documentation. You always can count on our support and guidance. For us, working in Human Resources is a passion, which we continue to develop the services we provide the highest level.

In our database we have many candidates with different profiles of professional, which is constantly updated and properly selected for the current recruitment.

B & W employees are young and ambitious people with a passion, who care about the everyday work of the highest score Contractors provide the Agency with professional service and care about the good and long-term relationships with our customers. In our recruitment and selection process, we reach the workers with a broad professional experience. Our counterparties can always count on our flexibility, friendliness and professionalism. We are open to new ideas and challenges. Every customer is treated individually, trying to best meet their expectations.

Our basic motto is a happy customer who is the key to the success of developing a knowledge organization is the most important resource of the organization twenty-first century. We also believe that the work that satisfies human needs means that employees are more satisfied and this is reflected in the efficiency of their work and we are through their actions that we aspire to. Entered on the national register of employment agencies under the number 7629, we offer our customers the highest level of services in accordance with applicable law. We do not charge from people for whom we are looking for work, or who provide support in choosing the right profession and employment.
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